Our Services

  • Auditing Financial Statements and carrying out special audit assignments and investigations.
  • Acting as Accounting Officer of Close Corporations.
  • Tax administration, lodging of Returns, advising on Income Tax, Fringe Benefits Tax, VAT, PAYE, Estate Duty and Donations Tax.
  • Write-up and processing of accounting records, preparation of monthly management accounts and attending to Monthly returns.
  • Advising on Estate and Financial Planning, formation of Trusts and Estate Duty planning.
  • Acting as Executors and Administrators of Estates and Trustees of Family and other Trusts.
  • Valuation of Business Interests.
  • Advising on Acquisitions or Mergers.
  • Advising on installation and implementation of computer systems.
  • Preparing cashflow statements and financial information for banks and financial institutions.
  • Attending to Company Secretarial and share transfer work.
  • Management consultancy.
  • BBBEE Consulting.